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Body Odour which is medically known as bromhidrosis is the strong often times unpleasant odour given off by the sufferer when they sweat. It is a condition that has a significant impact on the social lives of people that suffer from it. It can cause a lot of embarrassment alongside with psychological and emotional pain.


Sweat in itself is odourless; it is the bacteria on the skin that mingles with it and produces body odour by breaking sweat into acids. There are a lot of factors that can affect the intensity of body Odour; factors like Food, drink and disease can affect body odour. It mostly occurs in the armpit, groin and genitals.


  • Practise good personal hygiene. Care should be taken to take a bath/shower regularly and wash clothing once worn. Meticulous and proper cleaning up of the anus area after passing poo should also be practiced. We need to help the young teenagers in our lives form good hygiene habits early enough.


  • Eliminate or seriously reduce your intake of caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is an addictive stimulant which speeds the heart rate and stimulates the central nervous syatem thereby causing you to sweat more. If you have an offensive body odour you should try and eliminate any food or drink that will make you sweat more…………………………..coffee-drop

  • Ensure that you go for a medical check up if your body odour suddely changes in smell or intensity. This is to rule out the possibility of an underlying disease- for example if you suddenly start giving off a fruity smell; it might be as a result of poor blood sugar management – Ketoacidosis

  • Eliminate strong smelling spices like garlic and curry which can make your sweat smell more…..


  • Watch your diet. Researchers have been able to establish in a controlled study, that, non red meat eaters had a more pleasant and less intense odour than red meat eaters (just imagine that!) ; all you ‘carnivores’ beware! *wink*  So, pay attention to the odour you give off after eating certain foods and adjust accordingly.

……………..red meat

  • Find a way to manage excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis; wear clean breathable clothing where possible and use antiperspirant or deodorants regularly. They both work in different ways-

    Anti perspirants work by blocking our sweat glands ( which I personally find scary because I believe our bodies were built to get rid of sweat for a reason) . Most anti perspirants contain metallic salts especially aluminium. Aluminium gel plugs and prevents sweat from coming out onto the surface of the skin until the anti perspirant wears off.

    Deodorants  on the other hand work by killing underarm bacteria thereby eliminating the very things that cause the body odour. If these measures still don’t work for you, chances are that you need to see a doctor for more treatment options.


  • Understand the effects of hormones at puberty for youngsters. Hormones at work at the onset of puberty cause increased sweating on the underarms and groin region. Measures have to be taken when children reach puberty to control the effects – Introduce the use of deodorants to them and enforce / supervise strict formation of personal hyiene habits.


You can rise above and overcome body odour if you get enough information about it and are able to take the measure highlighted above; for people suffering from a severe case of body odour and excessive sweating, a medical intervention might be your only source of respite.

                                      HOW EASY IS IT TO REMEDY BODY ODOUR?
—only answer this question if you have been able to overcome it. Kindly share your experience with BO on this forum.










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