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About Me - Change To Live Well

Weight Loss, Healthier Food Choices, Recipes, Healthy Lifestyle and More.......

Diet Sanitation of a Naija mom

Hi Everyone,

My name is Eniola and I have been a serial ‘dieter’ over the best part of 10 years as a result of multiple pregnancies at different times.

During this period, I have gained weight,lost weight, gained it all back and a little extra with subsequent pregnancies and periods of breastfeeding. I have tried about every diet on the planet but the just couldn’t help me keep the weight off.

The reason I created this site is to detail my FOOD ADVENTURE on my quest for a healthy BMI and also have fun while loosing weight  the healthy and sustainable way in order to achieve maximum health and show that one can EASILY practice general health conscious living.

I am a foodie who likes to talk about dieting, healthy living and exercise and if you have anything interesting you want to share or any opinion on the contents I have created on my site ; please do speak up and feel free to get involved within my site . I love feedback in every form.

Back to me and my Journey through Weight loss……..

I am currently 35 years old and according to a BMI calculator I am considered overweight …….but I have lost  about 28 kg in the last 12 months.

This was me in January 2014…..biggy

I decided to go the hard and sustainable way to loose weight  and thus started a blog …...www.eniolaolatunde.blogspot.co.uk  to document my triumphs and journey through. In my quest for results I  stumbled on a lot of information on why my previous weight loss attempts failed hence the creation of this platform.

This is me now…January 2015

We can blame genes for predisposing us to being fat ( I was born a very big baby) BUT the bottom line is that we can master this by eating the right food in the right portions and moving more which will then impact on our whole being . Personally I feel healthy living by choosing the right food in the right quantity supersedes weight loss because if you choose healthy foods in the right portions, the weight would come off slowly but surely and if you CAN adopt it as a lifestyle; the weight will stay off.

The impact of weight loss for overweight and obese people is mindblowing ……your physical and mental state will be excellent plus your self esteem will soar and you will definitely have an increased energy level. Also, you will realize YOU CAN DO anything you set your heart to do by working hard at it consistently.

There is no doubt that the right diet is the best prescription for better health so let us like Hippocrates said….”make food thy medicine and thy medicine food”.

If you ever need any support or feedback regarding your healthy diet and exercise regime , I would be more than happy to connect…..simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with the ” ideas ” and ” information” that i come across which I know you will find interesting.

I wish you all the best in your lifestyle change and thanks for dropping by…